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New content posted 7/10/2014


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There is a problem around the country it Police shooting pets!!! CLICK HERE for more info


If you're in Central California and can offer a foster home to a deserving Lab

Support our Canine Troops click here to learn about them

Check out Artie's Show Biz for the Carmel Theater Scene, See Meme's latest look in Pack Photos, read sample stories for a look at what we're all about (7pages full!)

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We are getting more new reporters all the time from all over the world! (from right here in Carmel to China) contact us if you are interested in joining the newsroom.

roo Noodle & duck

The Doggie Gazette was started by the dogs of the beach at Carmel-by-the-Sea, California as a format for sharing their gossip and stories with themselves and their people.

We have grown now to have reporters from all over the world. We even have a gossip columnist and an advice columnist and horoscopes, and we allow some people (such as veterinarians) to write a column now and then.

The current issue and past issues are available by subscription only, but the Bulletin Board, Obituaries, sample stories, photos, Dog friendly pages, and Artie's show Biz column are available to all. If you are new to the Doggie Gazette we hope you enjoy our offerings and will feel free to post a story of your own on our Bulletin Board.

Subscriptions are $13.50 for a year and $25.00 for two years.

We are always on the lookout for new reporters and dog artists who would like to join our pack. Please contact us if you are interested.

We make a donation to the U.C. Davis fund for the study of diseases of companion animals in the name of all the dogs in our obituary column after every issue. Anyone can send in an obituary that will be published in print and on line.

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