Fred Alfredo Freddy Spaghetti (Fred) 6/01/1996 - 9/05/13

Fred our beloved Bishon Frise has gone to doggy heaven. Our family was blessed to enjoy seventeen years with a wonderful loyal and loving companion. He was fortunate to only love and acceptance from all of the people he came in contact with - what a great life he lived!

An obedience-training dropout, he never learned a single dog trick except he would sometimes sit for food (only if his mood was right and the stars were properly aligned). A true independent being if ever there was one. HE chose to be with us on his terms and we're glad for that.

He had two favorite activities with Jen (his mom and the great love of his life) - going for long walks in the morning and taking naps in the afternoon. Together, they logged enough miles over the years to walk to California and back. A suspicious traveler by nature, he also logged a lot of car time with us but always insisted on sitting in the front seat to make sure we were not bringing him to the Vet (true).

Thank you to everyone who watched him for us over the years - he had a big loving extended family. He will be truly missed but our memories of him will last forever.

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Zeke was compassionately put down on November 7th, after suffering from a degenerative spinal condition.  He was in extreme pain, and in the end could not walk.

Our vet, Karl Anderson, Mid Valley Animal Hospital, made a house call to administer the medication to put Zeke asleep for good.  it was a sad time for all of us and and has left an emptiness that cannot be replaced.

Zeke had never met anyone he did not like and who did not like him.  He possessed all the good qualities of a Golden Retriever. It was unconditional love for Zeke and his family.


Lucy GooseyOn October 16, 2013 our beloved goose, Lucy, passed away from natural causes. She was approximately 5 years old. She was rescued from the SPCA in 2009 after an unknown person, who was wearing an apron, attempted to adopt her as the guest of honor for Thanksgiving dinner.
As the adoptive “parents” of such a special and unusual companion, we surprisingly learned that she could show her love and affection for us, as much as we showed how much we loved her. She was in many ways like a dog with wings. She loved to sit with us while watching TV and taking naps. She especially enjoyed being hugged. We will miss our little girl who will always be with us in our thoughts and spirit.
Donations for a local duck and goose rescue group can be made at www.duckloversrescue.org or at Carmel Office Supply & Business Center in the “Court of the Fountains” on Mission and 7th. UC Davis research is also accepting donations. Please note on your check the donation is for Waterfowl research.







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