Gus & FrankGus & Frank here, after a bit of a hiatus.  Our Mom has been so busy lately with family, work, us, and volunteering for a rescue organization called Peace of Mind. It is an offshoot of Animal Friends Rescue Project in Pacific Grove, but they specialize in older dogs that have been dumped at the pound, as well as finding homes for dogs whose senior owners can no longer care for them due to illness or accidents, or financial issues.

You can read more about it on the website, if you wish. - www.PeaceOfMindDogRescue.org 

We’re trying to help get the word out that they are in need of foster homes and the more people who can foster, the more dogs can be saved. POMDR will arrange all transportation and pay all medical bills while the dogs are in their foster homes.

There are adoption events every week-end in the Carmel/Monterey area and since they started in 2009, they have found forever homes for at least a thousand senior dogs. There are several people in this area who are happy to drive foster dogs back and forth as necessary.

In addition, I've they can help people set up a Pet Trust, to insure the care of their four-legged dependents if anything should happen to them. They are having a seminar on the subject on Saturday, March 12 in Pacific Grove.  See the website for details.

In the meantime, please check out the website and if you or anyone you know might be willing to foster, please spread the word and they'll set you up with one of the awesome dogs much in need of someone to share their love.

We are so proud of our Mom for helping this worthy cause!

Much more on this great organization in the next issue. Hope you are all well and happy!


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