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Taiga      My name is Taiga. I am a Black Russian Terrier. I enjoy Carmel greatly with its fragrances of flowers, ocean, and my favorite seafood. I acquired quite a taste for fresh wild salmon and Dungeness crab living in this gorgeous town with its unique beach that is extremely friendly to my kind. I love playing at the beach. I have heard a lot about the fresh seafood in the ocean. I approached fishing my own dinner from the Pacific Ocean but the waves were powerful and intimidating. Luckily for me I discovered the only specialized seafood restaurant in town called Flaherty’s. To my delight, I have tasted fresh wild halibut from Alaska, swordfish & Ahi Tuna from the Pacific, live Dungeness crab from San Francisco and lobsters from Maine. I have come to meet and eat varieties of oysters of which my favorite are Kumamotos that had originated in Japan and now farmed and grown in California. I particularly enjoy them for their sweet cucumber flavor. On cold days I love to lick a flavorful bowl of clam chowder all the way to the bottom. Flaherty’s chowder is abundant with fresh clams. I love sitting & relaxing on all fours on the heated patio and enjoying a wonderful meal at Flaherty’s. I am excited about my food adventures in Carmel.

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